We are proud that since 2013, the Judit Polgar Method has been part of education in Hungary. It evaluated and supported as an outstanding educational innovation by the European Commission (EC) and the International Chess Federation (FIDE). The Chess Palace Program is a component of the Method.







Since the inception of the program, the number of students, educators, and institutions applying it has been continuously increasing.

Schools implementing the program have the opportunity to become highlighted partners and regional reference schools in professional collaboration with the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation.

(Teaching is facilitated by the Chess Palace schoolbook and workbook series available only in Hungarian.)

Courses for educators

The Judit Polgar Chess Foundation organizes two courses for educators to understand and implement the Chess Palace Program into their work. 

  • Accredited 30-hour in-person basic training for teachers in 1st and 2nd grades. Participants learn about the elements of the program and discover ideas and solutions that can be applied in daily teaching practice.
  • Accredited 30-hour online training for teachers in 3rd and 4th grades. Based on the knowledge acquired in the basic training. Educators can apply skill-developing chess as an educational tool in teaching older children.

According to the educators…

„The Chess Palace Program is practice-oriented, enjoyable, and easy to follow.”
„It is concise, creative, child- and teacher-centered = human-focused.”
„It utilizes new, useful games that I can apply in my classes and further develop.”