How can we prepare our children in a supportive way for the challenges of the future? The innovative and since its birth (2013) continuously developed Chess Palace Complex Skill Development Program – briefly: the Chess Palace Programoffers an answer to this question.

  • Developed for children aged 4-10, it is a motivating, playful, and complex skill development program that can be applied at home, in preschool, and in school environments.
  • Based on the basic rules and tools of chess.
  • Its central element is the fantasy Chess Palace, which serves as a passage between imagination, reality, and chess.
  • Supports the acquisition of structured, creative, and logical thinking skills.
  • Develops problem-solving abilities.
  • Its application is supported by books, colorful and creative tools, animated videos, its own YouTube channel, online games, teacher training sessions, and an active professional Facebook group with 1500 members.
  • The program is used by over 50,000 children annually.
  • The program can be effectively applied to children with special needs.
  • The Chess Palace Program is part of the Judit Polgar Method and is the intellectual property of the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation.

„Playful learning step by step.”