The interactive and family-friendly book series designed for children aged 4-8 reflects the characteristics and visual world of the Chess Palace Program. The six-volume series, intended for home use, revolves around the concept of the Chess Palace’s six characters, each possessing different superpowers that correspond to specific areas of development. In the books, the home of the characters, the palace, shows many different scenes.

Each volume features its own protagonist, with a different developmental focus highlighted in each book. The series as a whole is defined by complex skill development. Judit Polgár leads children through six stories and over a hundred playful challenges in each book, where they actually explore the world of the Chess Palace together with a parent (or adult). Through creative challenges, children’s attention, logical thinking, creativity, motor coordination, as well as their linguistic, emotional, and social skills all develop. While experiencing success, they also learn the basics of chess: they become capable of navigating on the chessboard, learn the moves and captures of the pieces, as well as the language of chess.

For the most effective use of the series, we recommend the following sequence:

  • Rook’s Adventures – communication
  • Bishop’s Adventures – movement and fine motor skills
  • Queen’s Adventures – self-control
  • King’s Adventures – memory
  • Knight’s Adventures – creativity and combination
  • Pawn’s Adventures – collaboration

(The Chess Palace schoolbook and workbook series were published only in Hungarian in 2013.)